Congratulations!!! You’ve signed your contract to build your new dream home and your excitement and energy level is on full blast!  But, before you will see any clearing or groundbreaking actually starting on your lot there is a beginning process of about two months, often referred to as the permitting process. Now, a lot more […]

More and more children are moving back into their parents homes, how can you, as a savvy real estate agent, use this to your benefit? Some new information released this week by Pew Research Center indicates that multigenerational households are more prevalent than we thought — “A record 60.6 million Americans live in multigenerational households,” reads […]

As a builder here in Cape Coral, FL we often get the questions on how to choose the best lot to build on. Also, more specifically we get asked the question on what the difference between the north cape and south cape is, because, the price difference is significantly different. When speaking in terms of […]

Even the thought of making the biggest purchase of your life, thus far, can be extremely overwhelming. I totally get it. Where do you even begin? I always suggest to my buyers to get pre-qualified for a home loan as their very first step. This allows not only you, but the licensed Realtor you’ve hired, […]