Congratulations!!! You’ve signed your contract to build your new dream home and your excitement and energy level is on full blast!  But, before you will see any clearing or groundbreaking actually starting on your lot there is a beginning process of about two months, often referred to as the permitting process. Now, a lot more more goes into this permitting process than just applying, paying and picking up a permit.

building-permit1In order to keep the excitement and energy levels extra high, I want to ensure you understand each process in its entirety.

The normal permitting process time is around 30-60 days, depending on the county or city you are building in. This is the first majorly important aspect of your new dream home, and a ton of hands are on deck!

Permitting looks kind of like this:

  1. Design and customize plans with architect
  2. Send the plans to truss company to design truss layout
  3. Gathering all required documents, called “The Package” which includes:
    • application form, signed by contractor
    • impact letter, signed by owner
    • NOC, signed by owner
    • drainage plan, done by survey company
    • survey plan, done by survey company or architect
    • NRG Calculation, done by NRG Calc engineer
    • Florida Product Approvals because of hurricane safety for all exterior components such as doors, windows, roofing, cladding. Received from sub contractors
    • Engineered truss layout and plans
    • If septic & well: septic design, done by survey company or special engineer, well affidavit, signed by owner/contractor
  4. Send plans and corresponding truss layout to engineer
  5. Once plans are engineered we submit the complete package to county, where it gets reviewed by the county reviewer
  6. After about 1-2 weeks we get back either approval letter or rejection letter.
    • If approved- we pay permit fee and permit gets issued which means construction can start.
    • If rejected- we revise the plans according to county comments or submit missing documents and re-submit until approval.



Fawn EstesFawn Estes

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